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VDS delivers hands on solutions for feed mill owners looking to optimise their feed production. If necessary, VDS provides experienced management personnel for feed mill, hatchery operation, layer and broiler farms, abattoir, farm management, and other feed related agro activity.
Some recent highlights of our vast experience in services and products for the agro and feed industry:

  • Management of feed mill for animal feed and/or concentrates : Seychelles, Burundi, Cameroon
  • Management of feed mill for aquaculture feed : Seychelles, Madagascar
  • Valorisation of by-products from abattoirs, fish processing units or other agro industries : Morocco, Seychelles, Madagascar, Nigeria
  • Toasting of soybeans : Egypt, Nigeria, Cameroon
  • Management of Hatchery and/or abattoir : Seychelles, Cameroon
  • Technical consultancy (feed optimisation, breeding or economical optimisation of farm output) : Mauritanie, R.D. of Congo, Seychelles, Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Burundi, Greece, Hungary, Romany, Poland, Cameroon
  • Feasibility studies for feed mill or adaptation of existing feed mill to specific needs : Surinam, Madagascar, Seychelles, Cameroon, India, Poland, Kuwait
  • Export of premixes and concentrates for animal or aquaculture feed production : Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mauritanie, Benin, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, R.D. Congo, Angola, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Madagascar, Seychelles, Philippines, India.
  • Marketing and export of shrimp feed for following markets : Madagascar, Seychelles, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India.
  • Export of complete feed for animal feed production : Mauritanie, Gabon, Benin, Angola, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique

Please feel free to contact us if you believe our experience and know-how can be of assistance in your production process.

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