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During Eurotier 2016 VDS was present with a booth and had a succesful week.




In order to prevent and control the spread of early mortality syndrome (EMS) at shrimp farms and hatcheries in India, The Marine Products Export Development Authority in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, India—after detailed discussions with scientific advisors and all stakeholders—has come to the conclusion that it is essential to take the following steps immediately.


VDS is proud to announce the inauguration of a new production line and loading dock.




VDS has conducted a feeding trial on Litopenaeus vannamei at its indoor testing facility, with a feed formula with lower fish meal inclusion versus the traditional fish meal inclusion diet.


You can read the summary of the test in the PDF-file attached underneath.



V.D.S. is proud to announce it has entered into a technical and commercial cooperation with Morris Group from the Netherlands.


We have concluded a test on the use of a specially selected probiotic, administered through the shrimp feed.


Fishmeal prices are climbing steadily higher and the overall outlook is that these prices will continue to rise in the coming year(s).


VDS has an alternative : cold water wild catch SHRIMP HEAD AND SHELL MEAL, of our own quality standard production.


Less fishmeal in world market leads to record high fishmeal prices

Total Peruvian landings were 7 million tonnes in 2009, a 6% decline from 2008. Capture production for reduction was 5.8 million tonnes, which compares with 6.2 million tonnes in 2008. Lower landings resulted in lower fishmeal output: some 1.34 million tonnes of fishmeal were produced in Peru during 2009, which was 5% less than in the previous year. Exports were relatively stable at 1.54 million tonnes, as some stocks from 2008 were exported only in early 2009, when demand in China was strong.



VDS Feed test with cristaline Valine in weaned piglets

Over the years the crude protein content of piglet feeds has decreased due to several reasons, like gut health and the increasing prices of vegetable protein worldwide.
Research showed that valine appears to be a deficient nutrient in regards to the minimum requirement for piglets in the current lower protein piglet feeds.
Cristaline Valine has recently been made available for use in animal feeds.


Indonesian shrimp farmers become less competitive on the international market as local prices for shrimp feed are increasing, according to the farmers’ association.


Yield may rise as El Nino expected to bring needed downpours over drought-hit farmlands.


The world of aqua feed is constantly evolving. New feed additives like enzymes, probiotics, attractants are discovered to improve animal growth or to solve feed related problems. Also the quest to find suitable replacements for fish meal, both for financial and ecological reasons, remains an important research matter.


Soybean meal prices through early October are likely to remain “high and volatile, potentially explosive,” a leading U.S. grain marketing economist said during a  presentation at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, June 3.


From October 6th to 8th 2016.




In March 2014, white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) began dying shortly after being stocked in shrimp ponds around Ningbo, a city in the central province of Zhejiang.


VDS has conducted a feed trial for P. Vannamei shrimp in its recirculation system.



VDS is proud to announce that our partner Havourrash has received the Export Award for being the number one exporter in Iran.


Since 2001 VDS is producing shrimp feed in Iran, together with Havorrash Company in Bushehr. This article is showing that our hard work and continuing support of the shrimp feed sector in Iran has been fruitful and will continue to be so in the near future.


President Paul Biya made the recommendation yesterday in Ebolowa saying Cameroon should adopt a new spirit in agro-pastoral production.


The document attached shows a controlled shrimp grow out result from the 2009 season for some farms in the Bushehr area in Iran. The document is a PDF-file.




The Indonesian shrimp sector seems to be paying the price of years of using mediocre farming protocols with mediocre feed quality : a massive disease outburst...

CP Prima Fails to Find Buyers, Secure Loans for Shrimp Farms


Troubled shrimp producer PT Central Proteinaprima says it has failed to meet a government-imposed deadline to find a buyer for its shrimp farms or borrow money to revitalize them.

“There are no offers from new investors either from Malaysia or Indonesia,” CP Prima finance director Gunawan Taslim said in a statement on Friday. The company, which has been in difficulty since a virus infected its shrimp farms in March 2009, has also not been able to borrow any money, he said.


Fishmeal production continues to decline

Total fishmeal production by the five major producers declined in 2009, continuing a trend started some years ago. Chile is the only country reporting any increase in production, while all others reported lower outputs. Prices have started to move upwards since some months now, and further price increases are likely. China continues to buy huge quantities of fishmeal more than 50% of total fishmeal exports and its strong demand is the reason for the present price hike.

Prices for feed maize and soya are settling into a cold spell which could be temporary.

What a ride it has been for agri commodities!

Once considered the dullest of plays, the bullish year that was 2007 saw investors sit up and take notice as prices for maize, wheat and soy rose to record highs on the back of poor harvests and strong competing demands.

Things have quieted down significantly since mid-2008 when prices rose to new all-time highs of over $6/bushel for maize and $13.80 for soya beans.


We would like to post an interesting article about the use of melamine by chinese feed producers, in order to keep the feed prices low, a practice considered as normal until recently. Having met with chinese competition in our markets, at prices which were at unreachable low levels, this information shed a different light on our questions. Unfortunately a light of fraud and deception, with health risks for the consumer.





September 2009 sees the launch of our new website.


The website has been redesigned and rebranded in collaboration with To The Dot. The same goes for our logo and the overall look.


The project to be forwarded to the Prime Minister for signature was validated in Yaounde on Tuesday July 14.

There are concerted efforts to put an end to the problems that have plagued poultry farming in the country, rendering production far below national demand.

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