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Apart from the feed premixes and feed specialties, VDS is renowned for the service and consulting range that is being offered. For over 40 years, we are proud to have established an excellent service to both the feed companies and the farmers, be it in Europe or worldwide.

Production of complete feed or concentrates

Together with the partner, we evaluate the local and imported raw materials. We formulate feed products, adapted to the price/quality ratio which is needed in that specific market.
Currently we are responsible for production of poultry concentrates, complete broiler/layer feed, parent stock feed but also for the production of complete shrimp feed and trout feed in factories of our partners.

Management of feed factories

We help design, build and run complete feed factories. Both technical and general management can be followed up by us. Thereby we take full responsibility for the feed quality and results obtained, together with our partner.
Market study and feasibility study can be part of the package.

Other possible services

If you are looking for a hatchery operation manager, or you want to start a parent stock breeding, but you would like to have a reliable and knowledgeable partner to assist you in the process, VDS has extensive experience in this matter.
Maybe you want some help in evaluating the local raw materials or even upgrading their quality for use in the feed industry? In this field we have decades of experience which we will be glad to share with you in a cooperation.
We also provide clients with experienced and trained farm managers, to help make the best possible combination of good feed, proper feed management and overall adequate farm management.
Our veterinary staff will help identify possible disease threats, set up vaccinations plans and take all steps necessary, together with the client, to minimise the damage.
Over the years, VDS has acquired extensive knowledge of spare parts suppliers for a whole range of machinery and appliances used in the feed industry. This valuable experience is used to the advantage of our customers.
Bottom line of our services and consulting job is : We do not promise, we deliver.

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